Reveal Building Consultants Limited provides professional building consultancy services to anyone who has an interest in buildings, including residential owner occupiers, corporate landlords, tenants, lawyers, body corporates, contractors, architects, designers, insurers and lenders.

We have over 70 years of combined construction industry experience in Europe and NZ, including ‘on the tools’ across a broad range of trades, working for councils and as building surveyors and clerk of works. We have the skills, knowledge and experience to provide expert and timely advice to satisfy your requirements.

We cover the wider Auckland area and offer the following services:

  • Weathertight cladding assessment and design
  • Expert representation in building related disputes
  • Building code compliance issues including section 95a letters and Notices to Fix from councils
  • Review of plans and specifications for building code compliance
  • Production of reclad plans and specifications
  • Contract administration for weathertight repairs
  • Timber framing assessment during remediation projects of leaky buildings
  • Clerk of works and quality assurance inspections for construction work in progress
  • Condition surveys including commercial lease schedules of condition
  • Maintenance surveys and preparation of forward maintenance plans
  • Disabled access surveys
  • Pre-purchase surveys for residential and commercial buildings

If you need specialist technical advice regarding a building, for any of the above areas of service, please give us a call on: 09 281 9398 or send an email

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Latest News

Major structural failures of Schools in Scotland due to lack of Clerk of Works

Over the last few years construction work at many Schools in Scotland has been carried out under Public Finance Initiative Schemes (PFI), where the building contractor self-certifies their own work as being to the correct standard and quality, without being subject to external monitoring or inspection.  This is a model of financing public construction projects that has become common in many countries since it was first developed in UK and AUstralia.  Many of these schools have suffered serious structural failures in the last few years and have needed major re-construction or repair, causing serious disruption to schools and an unexpected additional financial cost.

If an independent Clerk of Works had been engaged on all of these projects these defects would not have occurred, the additional unforeseen costs would not have arisen and there would have been no disruption or health and safety risks to staff and pupils.

Similarly in New Zealand many projects are carried out without an independent Clerk of Works, resulting in many residential and commercial projects that were completed in the last 20 years suffering serious construction defects needing major repairs causing disruption to building owners, tenants and building users.  

The links below give a more detailed explanation of the defects of individual schools which were affected in Scotland.