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AC20 LS wood-aluminium Lift-Slide Door

AC20 DI Wood Aluminium Door


Not all doors are the same. An almost unlimited number of colours and a wide selection of different types of glass and filling elements allow our AC 20 DI wood aluminium door to become an elementary part of the building envelope in your home.

The cosy warmth of the wooden frame on the inside creates a feel-good atmosphere in your entrance area in a way that only wood aluminium doors can do. The weatherproof aluminium cladding protects your door from weathering on the outside, so you can enjoy your door for a long time.

Thanks to the tested multi-point locking system with heavy-duty hardware, the AC 20 DI system can even be used as a hinged door weighing up to 300 kg and offers you optimum burglary protection up to security class RC 2.

All our entrance door systems can easily be equipped with extra system accessories such as integrated overhead door closers, motorised swing door drives, anti-panic locks or automated access controls by card, fingerprint or numerical code.

Design your door freely according to the individual requirements of your project. For our inward opening door, our technical team has also designed a solution for rotating insect screens which is one of a kind on the international market.

The cosy warmth of the wooden frame on the inside creates a feel good atmosphere in your entrance area in a way that only wood aluminium doors can do.



wood-aluminium Lift-Slide Door

The AC 20 DI wood aluminium door combines an incomparable feel-good experience with a luxuriously appealing design.

Our wood aluminium doors can be integrated as essential components of the energy concept of your building. Our wood aluminium doors are particularly suitable for passive house certified buildings. The low Uf values of the wooden frames of 1.1 W/m2K or below 0.8 W/m2K for insulated wooden scantlings.

Choose the type of wood and finish that suits your project from the particularly highly heat-insulating spruce to the hardwood of durable oak. If you choose natural stain, you can enjoy the natural colour and grain of the wood, or we can lacquer the wood according to your specific colour preferences. Take advantage of this unique opportunity and create a unified image of your interior design and the colour scheme of your windows and doors.

Technical details.


DIN 12207, Class 4

Driving Rain Resistance

DIN 12208, Class 9A


DIN 12210, Class C3/B3

Noise Control

≤ 48 dB


RC1, RC2N, RC2


Uw-Value ≥ 0,64 W/m2K


Interior: naturally lacquered, stained, lacquered in RAL
Exterior: powder-coated in RAL, NCS, DB, anodised, highly weather-resistant


Inward opening, fully concealed

Types of wood

Spruce, pine, fir, larch, oak, douglas fir, mahogany


3 circulating levels of sealing, black

Opening types

Tilt-turn, awning, fixed

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