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AC20-FL Vilstal window

AC20 FL Wood-aluminium window


The AC 20 FL wood aluminium window impresses architects worldwide with its appealing and clear appearance on the outside. Especially in modern architecture, the flush, linear geometry of the aluminium frames complements the design of your building envelope.

The elegant and timeless design can be used in a variety of opening types (tilt-turn, top hung, casement, fixed or hopper windows) and window constructions ( segmental or pointed arches). With the help of innovative special fittings, even casement windows with heights of up to 3 metres and sashes with weights of up to 300 kg can be realised. Large window surfaces flood your rooms with light and warmth from the sun, creating a healthy atmosphere of well being.

Fully concealed hardware? This is no problem with our flush window system. The hardware disappears completely into the window frame and can also be used with particularly heavy window sashes. The interplay of the energy-efficient timber frame and the weather-resistant aluminium cladding on the outside fulfils the Zeitgeist of sustainable building 101 and allows our AC 20 FL system to take on a key role in the future building sector.

Discover the possibilities of a sustainable building envelope all over again and feel the quality in the craftsmanship of FT Vilstal windows.

AC20-FL Vilstal window

Consistant. Design.

AC20-FL window

Design your AC 20 FL window freely according to your wishes A wide selection of regional types of wood gives you the opportunity to colour match your windows to the interior design. A stained finish protects your wood from external impact and you can enjoy the natural aesthetics and warmth of the raw material.

We are able to lacquer the wooden frames in all RAL colours, leaving nothing to be desired in terms of colour design. Each of our systems can be designed with fully insulated panels, spandrel panels, louvre grilles with insect screens, motorised openers or as fully glazed corners.

We build our windows freely according to your ideas and produce all our systems for you made to measure In this way, you always receive high-quality individual pieces. The combination of elegant design, product quality and innovative sustainability makes the AC 20 FL window system an absolute bestseller from the FT Vilstal GmbH portfolio.

Technical details.


DIN 12207, Class 4

Driving Rain Resistance

DIN 12208, Class 9A


DIN 12210, Class C3/B3

Noise Control

≤ 48 dB


RC1, RC2N, RC2


Uw-Value ≥ 0,64 W/m2K


Interior: naturally lacquered, stained, lacquered in RAL
Exterior: powder-coated in RAL, NCS, DB, anodised, highly weather-resistant


Inward opening, fully concealed

Types of wood

Spruce, pine, fir, larch, oak, douglas fir, mahogany


3 circulating levels of sealing, black

Opening types

Tilt-turn, awning, fixed

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