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We have a reputation for taking the difficulties out of what can sometimes be a complex process.  From the get-go we will work with you to determine the best path for your project. We’re a team of 5 highly experienced individuals and are an expanding team of specialists. Our teams work locally but actively collaborate on projects throughout New Zealand and around the world. We encourage co-operation and shared knowledge and between us always find the best solution.

Meet the team

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Dave Firth

Dave is a Chartered and Registered building Surveyor, Registered Clerk of Works, Chartered Construction Manager, Licensed Designer and has a total of over 40 years construction experience in Europe and NZ including as a contractor for 20 years carrying out property repairs and additions in the UK and three years as a council building inspector and consent processing officer for the Auckland Council Reclad Team.

Nick Gaites

Nick, a graduate Manufacturing Systems Engineer, is a New Zealand Registered Building Surveyor and has over 10 years’ experience in the New Zealand Construction sector. Prior to this he was director of an Auckland residential building company which latterly specialised in leaky building remediation. Nick also has UK building experience and multi-discipline expertise with a mixture of engineering, construction, and building surveying experience.

Adrian Sorin Lupu

Adrian began his career in the picturesque mountains of Transylvania, where he gained a bachelor of science degree in timber engineering, one of only three organisations in the world offering this course. This allowed Adrian to acquire skills and knowledge of the properties of timber, the design, development and manufacturing of engineering machinery necessary to work with timber furniture construction.

Diego Ariel Zirlinger

Diego is an Argentinian Architect, graduated from University of Buenos Aires. During his studies he designed houses, schools, public museums and sports centres. He worked as an Architect assistant for a local studio for four years.

There, he developed several projects, from bars and hotels to residential buildings, where gained most of his experience.

Suhail Khuraishy

Suhail is an Architect and Construction Manager and has experience in Sustainable design and construction in Auroville, a universal city in India working towards innovations in the field of Architecture and Agriculture. He came to New Zealand as a student of ‘Master of Construction Management’ and has conducted academic research on ‘the design innovations required in Shared office spaces in Auckland’.

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