Building Consent Drawings & Specifications

Preparation of plans and specifications and obtaining building consents for recladding residential buildings including 2D and 3D CAD details. If you have a need for a reclad design on a residential building we can provide a full design process and obtain a building consent on your behalf

Building project Right First Time

Review of plans and specifications for building code compliance

building consent drawings

Many architects and designers have been sued for their weathertight designs on buildings that have failed to meet the performance of the building code. By engaging us to review plans and specifications before submitting for building consent approval we can reduce or totally eliminate the risk of future litigation.

Auckland council building consent

A building consent is written approval from the Auckland council  to carry out specific building work on a specific site, which must comply with current regulations.

A building consent is granted if we are satisfied on reasonable grounds that the building code provisions would be met if the work is properly completed in accordance with the plans and specifications in the application.

Building consent process

There is many steps to the building cosent process which you can find out more about on th there Auckland Councils website here. Reveal can help guide you for all your building consent drawings and spesifications and drastically cut down on your time and money buy getting pre arrpoval to consent.

95A Refusal to issue code compliance certificate

If a building consent authority refuses to issue a code compliance certificate, the building consent authority must give the applicant written notice of:

  • (a)the refusal; and
  • (b)the reasons for the refusal.Section 95A: inserted, on 15 March 2008, by section 20 of the Building Amendment Act 2008 (2008 No 4).

More information about a Section 95a in our FAQs

Work with the professionals

We have extensive experience of other people’s mistakes from our hundreds of defective building investigations.

The evidence of the last fifteen to twenty years of the NZ construction industry’s mistakes leads us to one fundamental conclusion: It is better to try and get it right first time rather than re-visit the mistakes later at considerable cost to building owners, tenants, designers, contractors, sub-contractors, councils, government, insurers and lenders.

Questions about our services?

We know there is commonly asked questions about the design process and choosing, engaging and working with a building consultancy business.

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