Homestar Design and Assessment

Reveal Building Consultants are New Zealand Green Building Council (NZGBC) Homestar Assessors, meaning we can design and assess designs for compliance with the NZGBC Homestar rating system, and assess existing buildings for Homestar compliance.

Homestar Assessments | Sustainable Building Solutions

The benefits of Homestar assessment and rating include:

  • Access to discounted mortgage rates from ANZ bank under its healthy home package,
  • A healthier building to live in,
  • Lower carbon footprint buildings
  • Reduced energy consumption and running costs (for higher Homestar ratings)
  • Increased building sustainability, reduced resource consumption and construction waste,
  • Improved livability
  • Possible increased future value and saleability

The Homestar rating system can be applied to new builds and renovations, and the magnitude of the benefits noted above will depend upon the level of Homestar rating achieved.

The Homestar rating system

Homestar buildings are rated from 6 to 10, with 6 being the lowest ranking (easiest to obtain) and 10 the highest ranking, requiring more stringent design and construction practices.

Depending upon the design, materials and information available, we may be able to obtain a Homestar rating for existing buildings, enabling access to the ANZ discounted mortgage. Contact us for an assessment of your building.

If you are serious about low energy building performance, health and comfort, we recommend that you consider a Certified Passive House building.

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